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Title Author(s) Amazon Price Added
Geis of the Gargoyle (Xanth 18) Piers Anthony
Portent James Herbert
Moon's Artifice (Empire of a Hundred Houses 1) Tom Lloyd
£13.48 2015/06/08
The Red Knight Miles Cameron
£14.99 2015/06/08
The Age of Scorpio Gavin G. Smith
£16.99 2015/06/08
Son of the Morning Mark Alder
£18.99 2015/06/08
The Relic Guild Edward Cox
£14.88 2015/06/08
Those Who Hunt the Night Barbara Hambly
A Time to Kill (Star Trek: The Next Generation) David Mack
£6.99 2015/06/08
Mordant's Need (1) - The Mirror of Her Dreams Stephen Donaldson
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