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Between year and

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A happy organiser heads off unaware of the dangers that lurk ahead.
The last last duel?
"It's all mine!" screams Linette
Linette at her most charming
Mystic Steve tries levitating a glass
Linette gives a very short speech that I missed utterly with the camera
Adam again
Steve looking to Linette for sympathy at all this manly snogging
Linette giving Ron a bad look for saying she wasn't a woman
Doesn't Steve look happy after his xmas snog with Adam
The curse of Demonic Red-Eye spreads throughout IFIS. Adrian's next...
Steve bravely fights off the Streamer-Beast, while others bravely watch!
Panic spreads as the boa claims another victim.
Adrian, Linette and Giles
Linette & tongue