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Between year and

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Lizz discovers how to use the zoom on the camera
Richard looking shocked
"Tea with the Queen, anyone?"
Will finds a handy place to keep the mistletoe
Lizz patronises Neil on the head
Charlotte and Lizz get it on for some hot girl-on-girl action
Tom begging me not to put up the previous 4 pictures
Lizz showing Tom how to pull faces
Tom pulling a face so bad that even Lizz is disgusted
Tom pulling a worse face
Tom pulling a face
Tom and Lizz
Lizz overdosing on cuteness
Lizz shows off her "Dalek" bumps
A League of Lizzie and Lizz
"It was this small" claims Lizz
AGM 2001: The Society Vote for Adam ... to keep his legs covered!
cunningly-disguised society saviour and mosher
Lizz, Will & William
Will showing how to kill a brussel sprout.
The alchohol starts to affect people - the result - the remains of a cracker on top of a wine bottle.