Stardates Explained - 20180217.2000

You don't understand the stardates?
Take, for example, 20180217.2000.

Let me stick some spaces in some helpful places:
2018 02 17 . 20 00

That better?

20180217 means 17th Feb 2018, and
2000 is in 24-hour clock format, IE 8:00PM

Stardates in the Star Trek universe work in an entirely different way. Wikipedia has a good explanation on how they work.

Events on this stardate

Picocon 35

Picocon 35

Our friends at Imperial College London are hosting their annual Science Fiction-Fantasy convention! Their panel includes authors Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell, Emma Newman and Ben Aaronovitch; and features Turkey Readings, Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise, Silly Games, a Pub Quiz and Harmless Fun that is definitely NOT a fish duel!
More details can be found here:
Details on how we'll travel there will be posted later.
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Stardate: 20180217.1000

Stardate: 20180217.2000
imperial college's blackett building, Prince Consort Road, South Kensington
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