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A photo of Chris Turner

Chris Turner

Position IFIS Member (26 years)
Website rank Unranked Webmonkey
Geek Test 42.17% geeky
Purity Test 68.0% pure
Star Wars Personality Chewbacca
Which Game of Thrones character are you? Tyrion Lannister
I enjoy a wide variety of science fiction and fantasy. X-Files, Firefly, Buffy to name but a few classic TV shows. Recently I've enjoyed Wynonna Earp, Helix, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Grimm and Arrow. I'm a big fan of the Terminator franchise too.
Book-wise I'm less fussy - I'll quite happily read any old thing. Some of my favourite authors are Jaine Fenn, Kate Griffin/Claire North, Devon Monk, Paul Cornell, Tricia Sullivan, Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow.

Past roles within the society


Civic Duty (level 5): Attended an AGM (level 5)
Civic Duty
(level 5)
Web User (level 4): Has been a keen user of the website (level 4)
Web User
(level 4)
Cinematically Inclined (level 6): Enjoyed the cinematic experience with the society. (level 6)
Cinematically Inclined
(level 6)
Event Ninja (level 4): First to say they're going to an event (level 4)
Event Ninja
(level 4)
Witching Hour (level 2): Checked the website when the veil was at it's thinnest. (level 2)
Witching Hour
(level 2)
Social Butterfly (level 2): Did that socialising thing with other people. (level 2)
Social Butterfly
(level 2)
Movie Addict (level 3): Turned up to every movie for a whole term. (level 3)
Movie Addict
(level 3)
Completed Tutorial: Has finished the tutorial for the website
Completed Tutorial

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