The released version of the image was a 300 kilobyte Jpeg file. It decompresses to over 30 megabytes. This makes it just too large to be of any use. I [Andy] have therefore shrunk it to the image you see below. I have also turned the image into an imagemap, allowing you to zoom in on areas of interest. This is primitive, but at least you don't have to scroll round an absolutely huge picture.

Picture of Excalibur

Points of note:

  1. The nameplate is on the nose section. As per the Earthforce Destroyers.
  2. The ship has a number of what appear to be enormous gun barrels. The most prominent is under the nose section, but there is also one on top of the nose, and two over the neck, just forward of the bridge.
  3. There are also a number of smaller guns visible in the nose. The most prominent of these is below the nameplate. You may need to adjust the monitor brightness to see these.
  4. The pods at the end of the fins are presumably the engines. The pod on the vertical fin has extra plates on the sides, but seems otherwise identical to the other two.
  5. God (or JMS) alone knows what the stubby fin underneath is or does. It looks odd whatever it is.

If you're suicidal enough want to see the large picture, you can download that too.

Page originally written by Andy.