IFIS Committee Elections

Nominations open on the 9th of April. See the constitution for details about each role.

The Committee

Currently we have just 4 positions - quality over quantity.


Barnabas Sharp Barnabas Sharp is the first secretary for quite some time to become the society President after facing ex-Librarian Clara in a fight to the death. Barnabas lost but managed to regenerate into a far more powerful form before seizing control. His true motives for becoming President are yet to be revealed... we are assuming at least a minimum of Galactic Domination.


Rory Ford Rory Ford has been a loyal IFIS member for some years before deciding that he should be the one to fill the new power-vacuum on the committee. As Secretary it is his job to know everything about our members including their names, email addresses, heights, hair colour, dental records, True Names and the times of their eventual demise.
We still aren't sure where he gets this information from, it just keeps appearing in the membership Blood-Scrolls.


Clara Cohen Clara Cohen knows that she who controls the money controls the society... hopefully. When the inevitable War against the Forces of Darkness begins, it is Clara who will ultimately have the power to decide the victor and indeed which side the Society will fight for.
She also has lots of nice, shiny coins. I say, these ones look rather like the ones you had in your pocket a moment ago. However did that happen?


Connor Armstrong Connor Armstrong has returned once again as society librarian after deciding that books are easier to rule than people (even those from deep in L-Space).
He is continuing in his quest for forbidden knowledge but nevertheless should still find the time to help find whatever it is you are looking for. Late returns are now punishable by exile to the Forgotten Wastes.

You can contact them by emailing committee@ifis.org.uk

Honorary Positions

When she isn't wielding the societies finances, Clara also is an accomplished Fish Duellist and represents the society in matters of honour as its champion.

For the more historically minded of you, there is a (mostly) complete list of all the past committees too.