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Erin's hat wearing record attempt
Rachel Burnett at the 2008 IFIS Christmas Dinner
A happy organiser heads off unaware of the dangers that lurk ahead.
A picture of Chris
"Tea with the Queen, anyone?"
Charlotte and Lizz get it on for some hot girl-on-girl action
"Look at mah hairy nipples" exclaims Steve
Charlotte entertains by impersonating famous religious leaders of the world
Abby and Adam dancing
A League of Lizzie and Lizz
Steve showing us why he's so popular with the ladies
Lizzie and Abby
"It was this small" claims Lizz
You can tell the age of an x-chairman by the number of hats they are wearing
"The horror! The horror!"
Abby and Lizzie
Linette gives a very short speech that I missed utterly with the camera
a close up of Charlotte with hats
Paul - King of the Elves
A feeble attempt to photograph the vast wodge of cash Linette has collected
Me testing out the camera
How Rude
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