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How To Join The Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (IFIS)

Joining our science fiction and fantasy society is really simple to do and here is how you can go about it.

Newsletter Sign up

Freshers Fair

Every year during Welcome week, the Royal Holloway Student Union (RHUL SU) organise a 2 day fair where every club and society has a small stand that is manned by some of their members. We will definitely be there and you can ask us questions about who we are and what we do and also find out what we've got planned for the year. There will also be some means of signing up to our weekly email newsletter too.

At the very end of the windy path of stalls is a collection of tills that you can pay to join any of the societies that you are interested in. Hopefully having spoken to us, we have convinced you and will become one of us. The cost for joining is the same as all the other societies and is £4. If you do plan on joining, make sure we have your email address so we can keep you updated on our activities.


If you don't manage to make it to the Fayre, then all is not lost. If you visit our page on the RHUL SU website and login, you can pay and join us online at any point during the year.

For More Information...

If you want to find out more please contact the committee. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. And don't forget to sign up to our weekly newsletter too.