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Recommended Science Fiction and Fantasy Shops

Here is a list of shops that over the years, various people within the society have enjoyed giving their hard earned (or borrowed in the case of the students) cash to.

We've put together some funky magic to show you where the London stores are on Google maps too.

If you're looking to buy books or DVDs/Blu-rays, you can buy the latest and greatest from our little online science fiction and fantasy store which helps our society earn a little bit of pocket money too.

Amazon UK

Amazon is an online store that has a wide selection of science fiction and fantasy books, DVDs, videos and pretty much anything else you could want. With a few clicks of your mouse you can get a whole bunch of books winging their way to your front door.

The Cinema Store

Upper St. Martin's Lane
020 7379 7838
Find on Google Maps at N 51° 51.223100 W 0° 12.717700

As the name suggests this store has lots of memorabilia, books and other stuff related to movies and TV shows.

Alas this store has been forced to close due to increased rental costs in London

Forbidden Planet

179 Shaftesbury Avenue
Find on Google Maps at N 51° 51.501700 W 0° 12.707300

Gosh comics

1 Berwick Street
Find on Google Maps at N 51° 51.282900 W 0° 13.425000

This comic book shop has moved to Soho (hence the new address) into a much larger property. It's possibly one of the largest stores in London now.

The Mighty World Of Comicana

This was the name of a comic shop in London, now it operates solely online.

Orbital Comics

8 Great Newport Street
Find on Google Maps at N 51° 51.186900 W 0° 12.776500

Orc's Nest

6 Earlham Street
Find on Google Maps at N 51° 51.355800 W 0° 12.860400

Raygun Comics

26 Red Lion Street
Find on Google Maps at N 51° 45.963800 W 0° 30.418700

Technically none of us have been here yet, as this is the replacement for They Walk Among Us and was briefly called Ace Comics - but it is the nearest comic book store to us still so it's worth listing anyway.

Weybridge Books

28 Church Street
Find on Google Maps at N 51° 37.237000 W 0° 46.044000

(this entry is very out of date)
Jenny (bobette) is now the manager of this bookshop so can order ANY book,comic,magazine,roleplaying game/supplement as long as it's currently in print. The bookshop itself does not stock many Science Fiction & Fantasy books, but can order them in as required.