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The IFIS Lovemap of Doom

The IFIS Lovemap of Doom is a mostly harmless bit of fun that was cooked up by a couple of former chairbeings of the society many years ago. It's a series of anonymous black blobs linked together by different coloured lines, that reperesent people and their many and varied relationships. Because it's all secret (see explaination link below for just how secret), you are free to be as open about stuff as you like. But people will try and fathom out the mysteries, so don't be too surprised if people start speculating or guessing what it all means.

This area of the site requires you to log in again, even if you have already logged in. This is because it won't register that you've logged on. What secrets you put into the lovemap are secret and every effort is made to ensure they stay that way.

Except for displaying them on the lovemap itself, although you'll notice that no names are visible. The lovemap is as anonymous as you can get with such things.

Read more details about this if you want.

There are 74 unconfirmed links - are any linking to you? Log in now and see if anything has changed!

So far there are 62 people involved over 142 links

WARNING resetting your password will remove all your links, so do try and remember it.