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IFIS Committee Elections

Nominations are now open for all positions until May 1st.

See the constitution for details about each role.

The Committee

A new committee has been elected but no-one has updated this page yet with sensational facts about the people who now run the society so instead the website has decided to make up something based on previous versions of this page.

Currently we have just 4 positions - quality over quantity.


Daniel Woolley Having extensive experience in the bureaucratic realm of the postal service, Daniel Woolley has managed to secure a second year as President of the society. When the inevitable War against the Forces of Darkness begins, it just keeps appearing in the membership Blood-Scrolls.


Kacper Golynski Honestly? Kacper Golynski is the new Secretary and is very keen to get started collecting books and heads from those members who forget to return their books in a timely manner. Who can say? Only time will tell. This should mean if you ask to borrow a book they stand a good chance they'll be able to find it.


No picture Not elected yet


Rachel Pankhurst Rachel Pankhurst has returned once again as society Librarian after deciding that books are easier to rule than people ( so far ).

You can contact them by emailing committee@ifis.org.uk

Honorary Positions

There are no honorary roles yet.

For the more historically minded of you, there is a (mostly) complete list of all the past committees too.