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The Committee

A new committee has been elected but no-one has updated this page yet with sensational facts about the people who now run the society so instead the website has decided to make up something based on previous versions of this page. This may (definitely!) mean some of it utter rubbish and makes no sense, but that won't be too different to if a human had written it.

Currently we have just 4 positions - quality over quantity.


Kacper Golynski Kacper Golynski, after a year in which they keep safely hidden under their very tall hat. Their true motives for becoming President are yet to be revealed...


No picture Not elected yet - this role is still available


No picture Not elected yet - this role is still available


Mylo Brehm You'll be amazed what an angry Orangutan can do with a banana. Don't let them. Amongst the ruins of mankind were left countless victims of the radiation, horribly mutated and burned. Whether they will do anything differently under the new regime, only time will tell - they haven't ( so far ) summoned any beasts for the elections, Mylo Brehm has managed to secure a second year as Librarian of the society by becoming Librarian are yet to show any violent tendencies but we hope once term starts they'll soon get into the accounts?

You can contact them by emailing committee@ifis.org.uk

Honorary Positions

There are no honorary roles yet.

For the more historically minded of you, there is a (mostly) complete list of all the past committees too.