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Over the years the society has managed to accumulate a lot of information that it finds important. Be that links to other websites on the internet or the ever growing library of books that are available to borrow by the membership.

Other websites

A list of websites and places on the internet where you can find science fiction and fantasy

The Library

Browse and reserve books using our online catalogue


Fanfiction, help pages and other things we've written or found on the internet that was worth keeping.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Shops in London

There are a wealth of shops that can satisfy your shopping urges in London and we've put together a list that tells you where our favourite stores are located.

Rune With A View

The society has a magazine that it's produced over the years - sometimes with our good friends in GameSoc. We are slowly putting the back catalogue online and we'll also be hosting the latest versions too.

Social Media

Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to find out what is happening in the society and get the latest news.


Reviews of science fiction and fantasy books and DVDs that our members have written.


Some of our members have written stories, either of their own volition or as a result of some kind of mashup related accident.

TV Shows

An area devoted to the small screen, where our members can share obscure TV shows that they love.


As well as books and TV shows, our members also love watching movies.