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Social areas on the website

Being a very sociable society, we felt it was important to help you keep in touch with everyone even whilst you're not at the meetings. So here are a variety of fun ways to interact with your fellow science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. In case you are wondering our next event is nothing yet.

Team Competition

Every member is assigned a team and can earn points for doing things the committee think are worthy. The winning team gets a prize at the end of the year.


In case you're missing us inbetween events, you can chat about science fiction on our e-mail lists which are also available on the website as a forum.

Photo Gallery

As the name suggests, this is a gallery of photos from the various events we've held over the years. Next time you're at an event, remember to take a camera with you so you can contribute as well.

The IFIS Lovemap of Doom

The lovemap is an odd and complicated graph of the relationships within the society. You might be on it or you might not. It's really hard to say because it's all anonymous and no-one really knows what is going on. But maybe, just maybe you can work it out? It certainly can't hurt to try.


For the more adventurous we have a number of quizzes which you can take part in and gain scores for your profile.


There are also sometimes some polls which help the committee know what you want from the society or what your opinion on certain matters are.


Once you've started engaging with people on the website, you'll start to build up a decent trump card for yourself which you can then use to challenge other members and defeat them.


We pick some random genres and you write the story that fits them.


Consequences is a fun "parlour game" where everyone contributes to a short story without knowing what everyone else has put in, thus ending up with something that typically makes no sense and is full of LOLs.


We have a blog written by our members containing more verbose thoughts and ideas than you'd find on the lists.