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1999 Constitution

1. The name of the society shall be the RHBNCSU Institute For Impure Science, "IFIS".
2. Membership shall be open to:
a. All members of RHBNCSU upon payment of an annual fee to be determined by the committee.
b. Other individuals who do not qualify for membership under 2(a) may be awarded associate membership of the society upon payment of an annual fee to be determined by the committee. The awarding of associate membership is at the discretion of the committee. Unless stated otherwise associate members shall have the same rights as normal members.
3. The aims of the society shall be:
i.To act as a science fiction society for students at RHBNC.
ii.To provide a library for members containing books relating to the society's interests.
4. The committee:
a. The committee of the society shall comprise the following officers elected at the society's Annual General Meeting, "AGM":
i. Chairperson
ii. Secretary
iii. Treasurer
iv. Librarian
v. Publicity Officer
b. The elected Committee may choose to co-opt additional members of the Society onto the Committee at their discretion.
c. Only Full Members of RHBNCSU may be committee members.
d. The term of office for the committee shall be until the next AGM.
e. The positions of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are executive positions for the purposes of this constitution.
5. In addition to other responsibilities and as limited by the RHBNCSU constitution and regulations:
i. It is the responsibility of the Chairperson to ensure the society does not contravene the RHBNCSU constitution, regulations or policy.
ii. It is the responsibility of the Secretary to maintain an up to date list of membership and bring this to all meetings of the society.
iii. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to maintain a list of all financial transactions involving society funds.
6. Honorary society positions maybe created, however these shall not be committee positions.
7. An AGM of the society must take place each academic year; the AGM shall be considered a General Meeting of the society.
8. A General Meeting of the society may be called by the committee at any time or by the written request of twenty five members or 25% of the society whichever is the fewer.
9. Quoracy at all General Meetings of the society shall be 25% of membership or 25 members which ever is the fewer; both must include a quorate committee.
10. A quorate committee shall be three committee members, including at least one executive member.
11. A two-thirds majority at a quorate General Meeting of the Society shall be required to pass amendments to the Constitution, or to pass a motion of 'No Confidence' in committee members. Motions of 'No Confidence' or to change the constitution must be submitted at least three working academic days before the General Meeting.
12. Meetings of the society may only take place during term time, and must be publicised as widely as possible, one full academic working week in advance.
13. Weekly film screenings and social events shall not constitute meetings of the society for the purposes of the constitution, unless explicitly stated and publicised otherwise.
14. Elections:
a. Only and all members of the society shall be eligible to vote or stand as candidates in an election. Except as limited by clause 4.
b. The committee shall appoint an officer of the society to be returning officer, if unable or unwilling, a returning officer shall be appointed from the membership. The returning officer will not be eligible to stand in any of the elections.
c. Nominations shall be accepted from the floor prior to the election of each committee position.
d. The method of election shall be by show of hands, with all candidates outside the room.
e. All candidates will be invited to make a 1 minute hustings speech. The conclusion of hustings speeches should be immediately followed by the vote.
f. Officers of the society will be elected in the order given in clause 4(a).
g. An observer from RHBNCSU shall be invited to all elections to ensure that they are conducted fairly.
15. All previous constitutions are hereby expressly revoked.