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2007 AGM Minutes

These aren't in any way official, but are merely the recollection of those attending as to what occurred.

A new constitution was proposed. Major difference was the new position of Librarian.
Chris T pointed out that the new librarian role had an article "Continue as required" which would allow anyone to add new articles ad hoc and suggested it be removed.
Chris T then pointed out there were several more such articles and it was agreed all such articles would be removed from the finished document.
It was then also pointed out that the first heading should read "Name and Date" as curently it read "Judith Ratcliffe (President of I.F.I.S - The Science Fiction and Fantasy Society). 8th October 2006" which would mean that Judith would be president for the lifetime of the constitution. This was also decided to be fixed.
A suggestion to replace the Aims and Objectives with something less verbose that didn't constrict the society as much and also retain the requirement to have and maintain that was in previous constitutions. This was declined since the committee could replace this once they'd started their tenure.
A vote was then taken on whether or not the constitution (with amendments) was acceptable by the membership.
The motion to approve the constitution was carried unamously
The election of the new President was held. Nat and Gemma stood.
A secret ballot was held and Nat won the position.
Secretary election: candidates standing Martyn and Joanna
Joanna won
Treasurer election: Only Ally C stood
The majority of the society did not object to her standing, thus she got the position
Librarian election: Only Ali W stood
The majority of the society did not object to her standing, thus she got the position
Meeting ajourned.
The society retired to Crosslands.