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Three Against the Witch World (Witch World: Estcarp Cycle 3)
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They were young, unique, untried - they were three against the Witch World! For the sons of Simon Tregarth, the only hope was exile. For, once they had defied the Council of Witches to wrest back their sister from the Place of Wisdom, all Estcarp's magic would turn against them, all its ancient knowledge conspire to work them ill. But Kyllan, Kemoc and Kathlea possessed a knowledge not even the Wise Ones could deny, a truth long lifted from the minds of their kind. For in their hearts they knew of a land that lay Eastwards, a land from which the Old Race had fled generations ago. And so to the East they turned in direst need of refuge, to a country whose skill and sorcery the Wise Ones had for centuries sought to hide ...

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