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There were 19 matches.
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100.00% The Black Mountains (Empires of the East 2) Fred Saberhagen
100.00% The Broken Lands (Empires of the East 1) Fred Saberhagen
100.00% Changeling Earth (Empires of the East 3) Fred Saberhagen
100.00% Cruiser Dreams (Kerrion Empire 2) Janet Morris
100.00% The Currents Of Space (Empire 3) Isaac Asimov
100.00% Dream Dancer (Kerrion Empire 1) Janet Morris
100.00% Echoes of Flame (Island & Empire) Jonathan Wylie
100.00% Empire Of The Atom (Mutant Mage 1) A. E. Van Vogt
100.00% Empires of Flux and Anchor (Soul Rider 2) Jack L. Chalker
100.00% The Final Empire (Mistborn 1) Brandon Sanderson
100.00% Foundation And Empire (Foundation 4) Isaac Asimov
100.00% Galactic Empires 1 Brian Aldiss
100.00% The Last Augury (Island & Empire) Jonathan Wylie
100.00% Moon's Artifice (Empire of a Hundred Houses 1) Tom Lloyd
100.00% Pebble In The Sky (Empire 1) Isaac Asimov
100.00% Robots And Empire (R. Daneel Olivaw 4) Isaac Asimov
100.00% Servant of the Empire Raymond E. Feist
Janny Wurts
100.00% Star Wars: Heir to the Empire (The Thrawn Trilogy 1) Timothy Zahn
100.00% The Stars Like Dust (Empire 2) Isaac Asimov