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You searched for books similar to the book "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy 2)"

There were 121 matches.

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100.00% The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy 1) Douglas Adams
100.00% Life, the Universe and Everything (Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy 3) Douglas Adams
97.90% Mostly Harmless (Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy 5) Douglas Adams
97.90% So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish (Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy 4) Douglas Adams
18.17% And Another Thing ... (Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy 6) Eoin Colfer
14.32% Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Dirk Gently 1) Douglas Adams
14.32% The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul (Dirk Gently 2) Douglas Adams
11.21% Good Omens Neil Gaiman
Terry Pratchett
9.78% Fallible Fiend L. Sprague De Camp
7.57% Castle Roogna (Xanth 3) Piers Anthony
7.57% Centaur Aisle (Xanth 4) Piers Anthony
7.57% The Colour of Magic (Discworld 1) Terry Pratchett
7.57% Crewel Lye (Xanth 8) Piers Anthony
7.57% Dark Side Of The Sun Terry Pratchett
7.57% Dragon On A Pedestal (Xanth 7) Piers Anthony
7.57% Equal Rites (Discworld 3) Terry Pratchett
7.57% Eric (Discworld 9) Terry Pratchett
7.57% Golem In The Gears (Xanth 9) Piers Anthony
7.57% The Light Fantastic (Discworld 2) Terry Pratchett
7.57% Mort (Discworld 4) Terry Pratchett
7.57% Night Mare (Xanth 6) Piers Anthony
7.57% Ogre, Ogre (Xanth 5) Piers Anthony
7.57% Pyramids (Discworld 7) Terry Pratchett
7.57% The Source Of Magic (Xanth 2) Piers Anthony
6.66% The Stainless Steel Rat For President (Stainless Steel Rat 5) Harry Harrison
6.66% The Stainless Steel Rat Is Born (Stainless Steel Rat 6) Harry Harrison
6.66% The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You (Stainless Steel Rat 4) Harry Harrison
6.66% The Stainless Steel Rat (Stainless Steel Rat 1) Harry Harrison
Kelvin Gosnell
Carlos Ezquerra
6.66% Warlock In Spite Of Himself Christopher Stasheff
5.73% Fighting Men Of Mars (Barsoom 7) Edgar Rice Burroughs
5.73% Gods Of Mars (Barsoom 2) Edgar Rice Burroughs
5.73% A Princess Of Mars (Barsoom 1) Edgar Rice Burroughs
5.73% Swords Of Mars (Barsoom 8) Edgar Rice Burroughs
5.73% Synthetic Men Of Mars (Barsoom 9) Edgar Rice Burroughs
5.21% A Case Of Conscience (After Such Knowledge 1) James Blish
5.21% Eye Of Cat Roger Zelazny
5.21% The Star Beast Robert A. Heinlein
4.54% I Shall Wear Midnight (Discworld 38) Terry Pratchett
3.63% The Circus Of Dr Lao Charles G. Finney
3.63% Deathworld (Deathworld 1) Harry Harrison
3.63% Deathworld Trilogy (Deathworld) Harry Harrison
3.63% The Door Into Summer Robert A. Heinlein
3.63% Ensign Flandry Poul Anderson
3.63% Glory Road Robert A. Heinlein
3.63% Have Space Suit - Will Travel Robert A. Heinlein
3.63% The Magic Goes Away Larry Niven
3.63% The Moon Men Edgar Rice Burroughs
3.63% Pirates Of Venus (Venus 1) Edgar Rice Burroughs
3.63% Venus Plus X Theodore Sturgeon
3.11% Anthonology Piers Anthony
3.11% The Avatar Poul Anderson
3.11% Beyond This Horizon Robert A. Heinlein
3.11% A Canticle For Leibowitz Walter M. Miller
3.11% Cautionary Tales Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
3.11% The Eye In The Pyramid (Illuminatus! 1) Robert Shea
Robert Anton Wilson
3.11% Fourth Mansions R. A. Lafferty
3.11% Frankenstein Unbound Brian Aldiss
3.11% The Golden Apple (Illuminatus!) Robert Shea
Robert Anton Wilson
3.11% The Joy Makers James Gunn
3.11% The Languages Of Poa Jack Vance
3.11% The Lathe Of Heaven Ursula K. Le Guin
3.11% Leviathan (Illuminatus!) Robert Shea
Robert Anton Wilson
3.11% Lord Of Light Roger Zelazny
3.11% Midnight At The Wells Of Souls (Well of Souls 1) Jack L. Chalker
3.11% Revolt In 2100 Robert A. Heinlein
3.11% Roadmarks Roger Zelazny
3.11% Seeds Of Time John Wyndham
3.11% Stand On Zanzibar John Brunner
3.11% The Stone That Never Came Down John Brunner
3.11% Ten Thousand Light Years From Home James Tiptree Jr.
3.11% Trouble with Lichen John Wyndham
3.11% Web Of Everywhere John Brunner
3.11% The Winds Twelve Quarters Ursula K. Le Guin
3.03% Bored Of The Rings Harvard Lampoon
3.03% The High Crusade Poul Anderson
3.03% The Makeshift Rocket Poul Anderson
3.03% Red Dwarf (Red Dwarf 1) Doug Naylor
Rob Grant
3.03% Star Smashers Of The Galaxy Rangers Harry Harrison
3.03% Technicolor Time Machine Harry Harrison
3.03% Truckers (The Bromeliad 1) Terry Pratchett
2.10% 2001: A Space Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke
2.10% 2010, Odyssey Two Arthur C. Clarke
2.10% Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Steven Spielberg
2.10% The Cosmic Trilogy C. S. Lewis
2.10% Cuckoo's Egg C. J. Cherryh
2.10% A Day For Damnation (War Against the Chtorr 2) David Gerrold
2.10% The Dispossessed Ursula K. Le Guin
2.10% Downbelow Station C. J. Cherryh
2.10% The Earth Book of Stormgate (1) Poul Anderson
2.10% Ender's Game (Ender Wiggin 1) Orson Scott Card
2.10% The Faded Sun Trilogy C. J. Cherryh
2.10% Footfall Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
2.10% Foreigner C. J. Cherryh
2.10% Forty Thousand In Gehenna C. J. Cherryh
2.10% Invader C. J. Cherryh
2.10% The Left Hand Of Darkness Ursula K. Le Guin
2.10% Limits Larry Niven
2.10% The Long Arm Of Gil Hamilton Larry Niven
2.10% Lord Valentines Castle Robert Silverberg
2.10% Man Kzin Wars III Poul Anderson
Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
2.10% Man Kzin Wars IV Greg Bear
Donald Kingsbury
Larry Niven
S. M. Stirling
2.10% A Matter For Men (War Against the Chtorr 1) David Gerrold
2.10% Merchanter's Luck C. J. Cherryh
2.10% Planet Of Exile Ursula K. Le Guin
2.10% The Pride Of Chanur C. J. Cherryh
2.10% Protector Larry Niven
2.10% The Puppet Masters Robert A. Heinlein
2.10% Rendezvous With Rama Arthur C. Clarke
2.10% Restoree Anne McCaffrey
2.10% Ringworld Larry Niven
2.10% Ringworld Engineers Larry Niven
2.10% Rocannon's World Ursula K. Le Guin
2.10% Silver Locusts Ray Bradbury
2.10% Speaker For The Dead (Ender Wiggin 2) Orson Scott Card
2.10% Star Wars George Lucas
2.10% Tales Of Known Space Larry Niven
2.10% War Of The Worlds H. G. Wells
2.10% West Of Eden (Eden 1) Harry Harrison
2.10% Winter In Eden (Eden 2) Harry Harrison
2.10% The World Of Ptavvs Larry Niven
2.10% Xenocide (Ender Wiggin 3) Orson Scott Card