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IFIS Chat & Announce: Febuary 2018

This is our own discussion list where you can chat about science fiction and fantasy with other like minded people.

Historically this list was originally created as a combined discussion and announcements list, but we separated off the announcements into their own email list. But for the purposes of the archives, they are displayed together due to the way replying to these two lists work.

Replies sent to the announcement list are set up to go to the chat list. Sending the same message to both lists is heavily frowned upon.

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SubjectAuthorRepliesLast message
Announcement: Spring Quiz The Committee 0 Spring Quiz
by The Committee at 2018/02/26 15:00
Superhero Movie Night and So Bad its Good The Committee 0 Superhero Movie Night and So Bad its Good
by The Committee at 2018/02/20 10:42
Announcement: Picocon Trip The Committee 0 Picocon Trip
by The Committee at 2018/02/15 07:39
Announcement: Nerve Movie Night and Picocon! The Committee 0 Nerve Movie Night and Picocon!
by The Committee at 2018/02/11 14:31
Announcement: Interstellar Movie Night The Committee 0 Interstellar Movie Night
by The Committee at 2018/02/05 14:23
Announcement: The Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon! The Committee 0 The Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon!
by The Committee at 2018/02/03 16:22

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