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Guideline to the Lists

The Institute For Impure Science (IFIS) has (at the moment) 4 mailing lists available:

To mail one of the lists, you mail listname@ifis.org.uk, where 'listname' is one of names listed above. You can manage all your subscriptions on the website or by emailing listname-subscribe@ifis.org.uk or listname-unsubscribe@ifis.org.uk a blank message.

If you don't fancy filling your mail accounts with emails from the lists, you can read and post to the lists via the archives as if they were a message board. It's strongly recommended though that you keep receiving at least the announce list, so you keep informed about what the society is up to.


Ages ago I wrote some approximate guidelines for the 2 main lists, and nobody's objected to them, so I'll quote them here:

For the moment I suggest (but won't rigidly enforce) the following guidelines:

IFIS Announce


ifis-chat should probably be the kind of stuff we TALK about down at the pub. ifis-announce should probably be the kind of stuff we grab everyone's attention for and SHOUT about down at the pub, and/or put up posters for, give out leaflets, etc. Replies to the announce list should (obviously) go to the chat list.

Finally, some important bits of "nettiquette":

These are just my guidelines. As you can see, I'm not even certain about all of them myself. Better suggestions are welcome - rant and rave about this on CHAT please, not ANNOUNCE.