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Nick Waterman

A photo of Nick Waterman

Left RHUL with a comp sci BSc about (cough) years ago, did cool stuff for RIM down the hill in Egham 'till they moved me to Canada, very occasionally go to the IFIS pub-meets. A fan of Niven, Clarke, Pratchett, Douglas Adams, B5, Red Dwarf, most Trek, Stargate, and most of the recent science fiction cinema.

Well, welcome to IFIS, resistance is futile, you have already been assimilated, etc etc. I look forward to meeting all of you at the pub on Thursday evenings - mine's a pint of, erm, coke usually, otherwise real cider.

As you may have noticed, I'm one of your Information Superhypewayman, so obviously I'm supposed to recommend our website - www.ifis.org.uk - and also the lists you can join if you want to chat about science fiction and stuff by email, or if you wish to receive important announcements that way. Email if you're interested. I'm here to help!