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The origin of the annual IFIS peanut-throwing competition

Back in the dim and distant past, the society used to meet in the Royal Ascot pub (now The Monkey's ForeheadThe Packhorse). It's name, coupled with it's location on a major road, meant that every year there would be an influx into the pub of drunken toffs heading home from Ascot Week. On the 18th of June, 1992 during our weekly social, a coach load arrived and the driver came in and warned everyone that there was a woman wearing a particularly silly hat and to not take the piss too much cos her husband was the biggest guy on the bus.

So in walks the woman wearing an upside down birdbath on her head and Simon Banks decided it'd be funny to start seeing if they could flick peanuts into the hat and thus the tradition was born.

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The origin of the annual IFIS peanut-throwing competition