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Adam Cummins

A photo of Adam Cummins

Hello. I used to be Chair of The Institute For Impure Science (IFIS) (when we called them chairbeings), and now I'm not. I was also IFIS Female Sex Symbol for one year from 2000-2001. I work in a library in London and live in Isleworth.

I love Doctor Who. My other science fiction interests are Iris Wildthyme, Merlin, Hex, the Sarah-Jane Adventures, Sapphire and Steel, Primeval, Monkey, Sandman, Neil Gaiman, Justina Robson, Steph Swainston, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (comics, not the film), Trinity, Terry Pratchett, Robert Rankin, Paul Magrs (especially his "Brenda and Effie" novels).

I also like Gin.

Past roles within the society