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There were 140 matches.

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100.00% Elric (Elric Saga collection) Michael Moorcock
100.00% Stormbringer (Elric Saga 10) Michael Moorcock
74.38% Elric of Melnibone (Elric Saga 1) Michael Moorcock
74.38% The Sailor On The Seas Of Fate (Elric Saga 3) Michael Moorcock
74.38% The Vanishing Tower (Elric Saga 5) Michael Moorcock
74.38% The Weird Of The White Wolf (Elric Saga 4) Michael Moorcock
31.28% Castle Of Wizardry (The Belgariad 4) David Eddings
31.28% Conan The Wanderer Lin Carter
L. Sprague De Camp
Robert E. Howard
31.28% Elric At The End Of Time (Dancers at the End of Time 7) Michael Moorcock
31.28% Enchanters End Game (The Belgariad 5) David Eddings
31.28% The Farthest Shore (Earthsea 3) Ursula K. Le Guin
31.28% Magicians Gambit (The Belgariad 3) David Eddings
31.28% Pawn Of Prophecy (The Belgariad 1) David Eddings
31.28% Queen Of Sorcery (The Belgariad 2) David Eddings
31.28% Tehanu (Earthsea 4) Ursula K. Le Guin
31.28% The Tombs Of Atuan (Earthsea 2) Ursula K. Le Guin
31.28% A Wizard Of Earthsea (Earthsea 1) Ursula K. Le Guin
25.62% Conan And The Spider God L. Sprague De Camp
25.62% Fallible Fiend L. Sprague De Camp
25.62% Fellowship Of The Ring (The Lord of the Rings 1) J. R. R. Tolkien
25.62% Glory Road Robert A. Heinlein
25.62% The Hobbit J. R. R. Tolkien
25.62% The Magic Goes Away Larry Niven
25.62% Return Of The King (The Lord of the Rings 3) J. R. R. Tolkien
25.62% The Runestaff (The History of the Runestaff 4) Michael Moorcock
25.62% The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings 2) J. R. R. Tolkien
25.62% Warlock In Spite Of Himself Christopher Stasheff
22.45% Gilden-Fire Stephen Donaldson
22.45% The Golden Torc Julian May
22.45% The Illearth War (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever 2) Stephen Donaldson
22.45% Lord Foul's Bane (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever 1) Stephen Donaldson
22.45% The Many Coloured Land Julian May
22.45% The One Tree (The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever 2) Stephen Donaldson
22.45% The White Gold Wielder (The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever 3) Stephen Donaldson
14.48% The Cosmic Trilogy C. S. Lewis
14.48% The Winds Twelve Quarters Ursula K. Le Guin
8.82% Blood Of Amber (Chronicles of Amber 7) Roger Zelazny
8.82% Bored Of The Rings Harvard Lampoon
8.82% Castle Roogna (Xanth 3) Piers Anthony
8.82% Centaur Aisle (Xanth 4) Piers Anthony
8.82% The Courts Of Chaos (Chronicles of Amber 5) Roger Zelazny
8.82% Crewel Lye (Xanth 8) Piers Anthony
8.82% Dragon On A Pedestal (Xanth 7) Piers Anthony
8.82% The Dying Earth Jack Vance
8.82% Equal Rites (Discworld 3) Terry Pratchett
8.82% Eric (Discworld 9) Terry Pratchett
8.82% The Eye In The Pyramid (Illuminatus! 1) Robert Shea
Robert Anton Wilson
8.82% Eye Of Cat Roger Zelazny
8.82% Fourth Mansions R. A. Lafferty
8.82% The Golden Apple (Illuminatus!) Robert Shea
Robert Anton Wilson
8.82% Golem In The Gears (Xanth 9) Piers Anthony
8.82% Good Omens Neil Gaiman
Terry Pratchett
8.82% The Guns Of Avalon (Chronicles of Amber 2) Roger Zelazny
8.82% The Hand Of Oberon (Chronicles of Amber 4) Roger Zelazny
8.82% Job Robert A. Heinlein
8.82% Leviathan (Illuminatus!) Robert Shea
Robert Anton Wilson
8.82% The Light Fantastic (Discworld 2) Terry Pratchett
8.82% Lord Of Light Roger Zelazny
8.82% Midnight Blue: The Sonja Blue Collection Nancy A. Collins
8.82% Mort (Discworld 4) Terry Pratchett
8.82% Nine Princes In Amber (Chronicles of Amber 1) Roger Zelazny
8.82% Ogre, Ogre (Xanth 5) Piers Anthony
8.82% Pyramids (Discworld 7) Terry Pratchett
8.82% Roadmarks Roger Zelazny
8.82% Sign Of Chaos (Chronicles of Amber 8) Roger Zelazny
8.82% The Sign Of The Unicorn (Chronicles of Amber 3) Roger Zelazny
8.82% The Source Of Magic (Xanth 2) Piers Anthony
8.82% Trumps Of Doom (Chronicles of Amber 6) Roger Zelazny
8.82% Waldo And Magic Inc Robert A. Heinlein
5.66% The Adversary Julian May
5.66% All The Weyrs Of Pern (Pern) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% The Black Corridor Michael Moorcock
5.66% The Champion Of Garathorm (The Chronicles of Castle Brass 1) Michael Moorcock
5.66% The Chronicles Of Corum Michael Moorcock
5.66% Count Brass (The Chronicles of the Count Brass 1) Michael Moorcock
5.66% The Crystal Singer (Crystal Singer 1) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Dai San (Sunset Warrior 3) Eric Van Lustbader
5.66% The Dark Design (Riverworld Saga 3) Philip Jose Farmer
5.66% Daughter Of Regals Stephen Donaldson
5.66% The Dead Of Winter (Thieves World 7) Robert Asprin
Lynn Abbey
5.66% Death's Master Tanith Lee
5.66% Deryni Checkmate (The Chronicles of Deryni 2) Katherine Kurtz
5.66% Deryni Rising (The Chronicles of Deryni 1) Katherine Kurtz
5.66% The Diamond Throne (The Elenium 1) David Eddings
5.66% The Dispossessed Ursula K. Le Guin
5.66% The Dolphins of Pern (Pern) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Dragondrums (Pern 6) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Dragonquest (Pern 2) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Dragonsdawn (Pern) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Dragonsinger (Pern 5) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Dragonsong (Pern 4) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Fabulous Riverboat Philip Jose Farmer
5.66% The Face Of Chaos (Thieves World 5) Lynn Abbey
Robert Asprin
5.66% The First Fall (Pern 12) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Get Off The Unicorn Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Ghost King David Gemmell
5.66% Gods Of Riverworld Philip Jose Farmer
5.66% Guardians Of The West (The Mallorean 1) David Eddings
5.66% Heir of Sea and Fire (Riddle-Master 2) Patricia Mckillip
5.66% High Deryni (The Chronicles of Deryni 3) Katherine Kurtz
5.66% The King Beyond The Gate (Drenai 2) David Gemmell
5.66% King Of The Murgos (The Mallorean 2) David Eddings
5.66% The Lathe Of Heaven Ursula K. Le Guin
5.66% The Left Hand Of Darkness Ursula K. Le Guin
5.66% Legend (Drenai 1) David Gemmell
5.66% Magician (The Riftwar Saga 1+2) Raymond E. Feist
5.66% A Man Rides Through (Mordant's Need 2) Stephen Donaldson
5.66% The Mists Of Avalon (Avalon 1) Marion Zimmer Bradley
5.66% Moreta, Dragon Lady Of Pern (Pern 7) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% The Paradise War (Song Of Albion 1) Stephen Lawhead
5.66% Partnership Margaret Ball
Anne McCaffrey
5.66% The Paths Of The Perambulator (Spellsinger 5) Alan Dean Foster
5.66% Pegasus In Flight Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Planet Of Exile Ursula K. Le Guin
5.66% Quest For Lost Heroes (Drenai 4) David Gemmell
5.66% Restoree Anne McCaffrey
5.66% The Riddlemaster Of Hed (Riddle-Master 1) Patricia Mckillip
5.66% Rocannon's World Ursula K. Le Guin
5.66% The Ruby Knight (The Elenium 2) David Eddings
5.66% Shadowkeep Alan Dean Foster
5.66% Shadows Of Sanctuary (Thieves World 3) Robert Asprin
5.66% Shallows Of Night (Sunset Warrior 2) Eric Van Lustbader
5.66% The Ship Who Sang Anne McCaffrey
5.66% The Ship Who Searched Anne McCaffrey
5.66% Soul Of The City (Thieves World 8) Robert Asprin
C. J. Cherryh
Lynn Abbey
Janet Morris
5.66% Spellsinger (Spellsinger 1) Alan Dean Foster
5.66% Storm Season (Thieves World 4) Robert Asprin
5.66% The Sunset Warrior (Sunset Warrior 1) Eric Van Lustbader
5.66% Swords Against Death (The Swords series 2) Fritz Leiber
5.66% Swords Against Wizardry (The Swords series 4) Fritz Leiber
5.66% Swords And Deviltry (The Swords series 1) Fritz Leiber
5.66% Swords And Ice Magic (The Swords series 6) Fritz Leiber
5.66% Swords In The Mist (The Swords series 3) Fritz Leiber
5.66% The Swords Of Lankhmar (The Swords series 5) Fritz Leiber
5.66% Tales From The Vulgar Unicorn (Thieves World 2) Robert Asprin
5.66% Thieves World (Thieves World 1) Robert Asprin
5.66% Threshold Ursula K. Le Guin
5.66% To Your Scattered Bodies Go Philip Jose Farmer
5.66% The White Dragon (Pern 3) Anne McCaffrey
5.66% The Worm Ouroboros Eric Rucker Eddison