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.....so it's been a while


When I said weekly blog updates, I meant like, barring depression, overworking, a broken laptop, and general shitty mental health? I guess??


Castlevania Series 2 came out and was absolutely wild, traumatic, and heartbreaking. I'm awed. Potentially I think more could have been done with Dracula's character, but the ultimate finale oh boy. I wouldn't have done anything differently there. On another note, I finally finished Mr Sunshine.

...so I sobbed. Ugly cried. I knew I would but- BUT. BUT!

Astronautalis brought out a new EP with P.O.S. Open Mike Eagle dropped a new EP. I saw David Byrne live in concert. Very odd to see a grown man in a grey suit, barefoot, skipping on stage with his interpretive dancers.

I've been watching a lot of Ice Fantasy. It's an excellent show. In that it's Bad. But here's the thing, and it's something I'll defend - media consumption doesn't have to be this cynical, superior activity where you wank about how smart you are. You can have fun. You don't have to mock or deride enjoyment. There's things about Ice Fantasy that are ridiculously fun, character dynamics that, while poorly acted and shoddily written, are emotional, driven, and warm. Sure, I laugh at the sfx. But I'm not in it to tear anything apart or knock anything down. Nor will I rip into someone else's interests because I have the basic understanding that we all experience things differently. There's no objective good or bad in the end. There's good and bad elements, but there's always merit somewhere, for someone. You can talk about the morality of that somewhere else, this is just a defense of everyone's right to enjoy Not Good Things

Anyway, one day I'm gonna write an essay on the aesthetics of being terrible.

Condescending media snobs REALLY do my head in. This ties into, I guess, why we've stopped rating films. Because it's really not about that. It's about the enjoyment and the merit that can be found. Not about being a Rick and Morty High IQ man.

That's mean. I've actually enjoyed what I've seen of Rick and Morty. I don't vibe with the art or some of the humour but I enjoyed it.

Bitchy segment over with, and some positivity. I'm reading Ken Liu's short story collection 'The Paper Menagerie'. It's beautiful.

That's it, I guess. I'm not arguing for not being critical or advocating ignorance. But I think it's possible to be aware of faults while seeking merit. Rather than going into something looking for the bad, I think going into something looking for good is what we should do.

Off to beta-read a Cybersix fic. I KNOW YOU WILL READ THIS TITLE WRONG BUT SERIOUSLY. It's a pure show. The theme song slaps. Very 90s.

Warms my nonbinary heart though.


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