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Mini Ninjas 10th Anniversary


Officially okay, whatever, it came out in September 2009. But I won't be committee then so I won't be able to yell about it.

Mini Ninjas is such a soothing game. I once feverishly played through about 1/4 of the game, while completely out of it. It's very wholesome, it's gentle, and it plays fairly well. It's also got some fantastic design, and beautiful music, with the flutes and the drums.

Whoever caused the animated series to get taken off youtube is a lil bitch. It was in French. I had to guess what was up.

What I love most about Mini Ninjas is how beautiful the aesthetics of it are. It is so endearing, in this really distinct way. It's made from such a place of love. It's a real love letter to ninjas and samurai, to the majesty of wilderness, to traditional music. From levels where you ride around in a hat boat to soothing flute while cherry blossoms fall in the sunset, to a walking castle full of breakable paper walls and dim candlelight, the design is breathtaking. The water on the PC version is insane, even if the character models are a bit iffy. It's something else.

It occupies this nostalgic little spot in my heart. I've played it through so many times now it's ridiculous. If you haven't played it, it's 10 this year.

...also one of the bosses just farts at you.

That's a thing.

10/10 fave game ever.

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