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Quotes from the RPG session evening:

- 'Is Microsoft word a cantrip?'
- 'So basically evil jam is trying to take over the rest of the sandwich'
- 'The disease of Brexit is going through the Castle Liverpool'
- 'Inside and out, he is like vaseline'
- 'Can I religion check the weird sound we're hearing?'
- 'If you poison these guys you'll hurt the bartender' '....I'm doing it'

This is a very serious cosmic horror campaign I've spent at least six cumulative months writing.

I've come to the conclusion that you could write the driest, most serious D&D campaign and players would turn it into a comedy schlock-fest in minutes. And it's awesome. I love it.

Batshit insanity and chaos. Herding cats. I love being a GM.

Even if I do want to drown my players sometimes.

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