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There were 333 matches.
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100.00% Foundation And Empire (Foundation 4) Isaac Asimov
100.00% Foundation's Edge (Foundation 6) Isaac Asimov
100.00% Second Foundation (Foundation 5) Isaac Asimov
29.73% I, Robot (Robot) Isaac Asimov
28.62% Dune (Dune 1) Frank Herbert
26.91% Childhood's End Arthur C. Clarke
23.84% 2001: A Space Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke
22.24% The City and The Stars Arthur C. Clarke
22.24% The Lion Of Comare And Against The Fall Of Night Arthur C. Clarke
22.24% The Wind From The Sun Arthur C. Clarke
11.06% Footfall Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
11.06% Ringworld Larry Niven
9.59% The Caves Of Steel (R. Daneel Olivaw 1) Isaac Asimov
9.59% The Man Who Sold The Moon Robert A. Heinlein
9.59% Protector Larry Niven
9.59% Revolt In 2100 Robert A. Heinlein
9.59% Web Of Everywhere John Brunner
8.23% The Naked Sun (R. Daneel Olivaw 2) Isaac Asimov
7.98% Cities In Flight (complete series) James Blish
7.50% The Gods Themselves Isaac Asimov
7.50% Orphans Of The Sky Robert A. Heinlein
6.52% Time Enough For Love Robert A. Heinlein
6.03% The Currents Of Space (Empire 3) Isaac Asimov
6.03% The Door Into Summer Robert A. Heinlein
6.03% A Fall Of Moondust Arthur C. Clarke
6.03% Inconstant Moon Larry Niven
6.03% Limits Larry Niven
6.03% The Long Arm Of Gil Hamilton Larry Niven
6.03% The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress Robert A. Heinlein
6.03% Neutron Star Larry Niven
6.03% Ringworld Engineers Larry Niven
6.03% Tales Of Known Space Larry Niven
6.03% Tau Zero Poul Anderson
6.03% The World Of Ptavvs Larry Niven
5.16% Brave New World Aldous Huxley
5.16% Friday Robert A. Heinlein
5.16% Hothouse Brian Aldiss
5.16% Make Room! Make Room! Harry Harrison
5.16% Stand On Zanzibar John Brunner
5.16% The Stone That Never Came Down John Brunner
5.03% The Man In The High Castle Philip K. Dick
5.03% Rogue Moon Algis Budrys
5.03% THX 1138 Ben Bova
George Lucas
4.92% A Case Of Conscience (After Such Knowledge 1) James Blish
4.92% Children Of Dune (Dune 3) Frank Herbert
4.92% The Dispossessed Ursula K. Le Guin
4.92% Drinking Sapphire Wine Tanith Lee
4.92% Dune Messiah (Dune 2) Frank Herbert
4.92% Gunner Cade Cyril Judd
4.92% The Left Hand Of Darkness Ursula K. Le Guin
4.92% Lord Of Light Roger Zelazny
4.92% My Name Is Legion Roger Zelazny
4.92% Odd John Olaf Stapledon
4.92% Planet Of Exile Ursula K. Le Guin
4.92% West Of Eden (Eden 1) Harry Harrison
4.92% Winter In Eden (Eden 2) Harry Harrison
4.67% Between Planets Robert A. Heinlein
4.67% Beyond This Horizon Robert A. Heinlein
4.67% Fantastic Voyage Isaac Asimov
4.67% Farmer In The Sky Robert A. Heinlein
4.67% The Fountains Of Paradise Arthur C. Clarke
4.67% Have Space Suit - Will Travel Robert A. Heinlein
4.67% The Mote In God's Eye (Moties 1) Jerry Pournelle
Larry Niven
4.67% Nova Samuel R. Delany
4.67% Rendezvous With Rama Arthur C. Clarke
4.67% The Rest Of The Robots (Robot) Isaac Asimov
4.67% Robots And Empire (R. Daneel Olivaw 4) Isaac Asimov
4.67% Rocketship Galileo Robert A. Heinlein
4.67% The Stars Like Dust (Empire 2) Isaac Asimov
4.43% Day Of The Triffids John Wyndham
4.43% The Time Machine H. G. Wells
4.42% A Day For Damnation (War Against the Chtorr 2) David Gerrold
4.42% The Faded Sun Trilogy C. J. Cherryh
4.42% Man Kzin Wars III Poul Anderson
Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
4.42% Man Kzin Wars IV Greg Bear
Donald Kingsbury
Larry Niven
S. M. Stirling
4.42% A Matter For Men (War Against the Chtorr 1) David Gerrold
4.42% Red Planet Robert A. Heinlein
4.42% Stardance Spider Robinson
Jeanne Robinson
4.42% Telempath Spider Robinson
3.56% Inverted World Christopher Priest
3.56% The Joy Makers James Gunn
3.56% Last And First Men, Last Men In London Olaf Stapledon
3.56% Lord Valentines Castle Robert Silverberg
3.56% The Man In The Maze Robert Silverberg
3.56% One Eye Stuart Gordon
3.56% The Road To Corlay Richard Cowper
3.56% Shardik Richard Adams
3.56% The Snow Queen Joan D. Vinge
3.56% The Syndic Cyril M. Kornbluth
3.56% Three Eyes Stuart Gordon
3.56% Two Eyes Stuart Gordon
3.56% Who? Algis Budrys
3.07% A Canticle For Leibowitz Walter M. Miller
3.07% Frankenstein Mary Shelley
3.07% Pebble In The Sky (Empire 1) Isaac Asimov
3.07% The Avatar Poul Anderson
3.07% Captive Universe Harry Harrison
3.07% Double Star Robert A. Heinlein
3.07% Expedition To Earth Arthur C. Clarke
3.07% The Integral Trees Larry Niven
3.07% Man Plus Frederik Pohl
3.07% Starman Jones Robert A. Heinlein
3.07% Worlds Of Robert Heinlein Robert A. Heinlein
2.96% Deathworld (Deathworld 1) Harry Harrison
2.96% Deathworld Trilogy (Deathworld) Harry Harrison
2.96% False Dawn Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
2.96% Kraken Wakes John Wyndham
2.96% Midwich Cuckoos John Wyndham
2.96% The Puppet Masters Robert A. Heinlein
2.96% Time of the Fourth Horseman Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
2.96% Trouble with Lichen John Wyndham
2.96% War Of The Worlds H. G. Wells
1.60% 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Jules Verne
Mendor Brunetti
1.60% 2010, Odyssey Two Arthur C. Clarke
1.60% Against A Dark Background Iain M. Banks
1.60% The Black Cloud Fred Hoyle
1.60% Blake's 7 Trevor Hoyle
1.60% The Chrysalids John Wyndham
1.60% The Dark Design (Riverworld Saga 3) Philip Jose Farmer
1.60% The Earth Book of Stormgate (1) Poul Anderson
1.60% Earthlight (Space Trilogy 2) Arthur C. Clarke
1.60% Exiles On Asperus John Wyndham
1.60% Fabulous Riverboat Philip Jose Farmer
1.60% Fallen Star James Blish
1.60% Farnham's Freehold Robert A. Heinlein
1.60% The First Men In The Moon H. G. Wells
1.60% A For Andromeda (Andromeda 1) John Elliot
Fred Hoyle
1.60% Glide Path Arthur C. Clarke
1.60% The Left Hand Of The Electron Isaac Asimov
1.60% The Lost Worlds Of 2001 Arthur C. Clarke
1.60% The Magic Labyrinth (Riverworld Saga 4) Philip Jose Farmer
1.60% The Makeshift Rocket Poul Anderson
1.60% The Martian Way Isaac Asimov
1.60% The Menace From Earth Robert A. Heinlein
1.60% Midnight At The Wells Of Souls (Well of Souls 1) Jack L. Chalker
1.60% Mission Of Gravity Hal Clement
1.60% Monkey Planet Pierre Boulle
1.60% The Moons Of Jupiter (Lucky Starr 5) Isaac Asimov
1.60% Oceans Of Venus (Lucky Starr 3) Isaac Asimov
1.60% Past Master R. A. Lafferty
1.60% Pirates Of The Asteroids (Lucky Starr 2) Isaac Asimov
1.60% Podkayne Of Mars Robert A. Heinlein
1.60% Profiles Of The Future Arthur C. Clarke
1.60% Red Dwarf (Red Dwarf 1) Doug Naylor
Rob Grant
1.60% Satan's World Poul Anderson
1.60% The Secret People John Wyndham
1.60% Space Ranger (Lucky Starr 1) Isaac Asimov
1.60% The Star Beast Robert A. Heinlein
1.60% Star Smashers Of The Galaxy Rangers Harry Harrison
1.60% The Subatomic Monster Isaac Asimov
1.60% Technicolor Time Machine Harry Harrison
1.60% Through A Glass, Clearly Isaac Asimov
1.60% Time For The Stars Robert A. Heinlein
1.60% To Your Scattered Bodies Go Philip Jose Farmer
1.60% Tongues Of The Moon Philip Jose Farmer
1.60% Towards Tomorrow Isaac Asimov
1.60% Tunnel In The Sky Robert A. Heinlein
1.60% The Universe Isaac Asimov
1.60% War In The Air H. G. Wells
1.60% Warlock In Spite Of Himself Christopher Stasheff
1.47% The Age of Scorpio Gavin Smith
1.47% Alien Alan Dean Foster
1.47% Alien 3 Alan Dean Foster
1.47% Ambush at Corellia (Star Wars: Corellian Trilogy 1) Roger MacBride Allen
1.47% Assault At Selonia (Star Wars: Corellian Trilogy 2) Roger MacBride Allen
1.47% Avatar: Book 1 (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Stephani Perry
1.47% Avatar: Book 2 (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Stephani Perry
1.47% Barricade (Kenstibec 1) Jon Wallace
1.47% Before The Storm (Star Wars: Black Fleet Crisis 1) Michael Kube-McDowell
1.47% Burning Chrome William Gibson
1.47% A Call to Darkness (Star Trek: The Next Generation 9) Michael Jan Friedman
1.47% The Captains' Honour (Star Trek: The Next Generation 8) David Dvorkin
Daniel Dvorkin
1.47% Caretaker (Star Trek: Voyager) L. A. Graf
1.47% Chain of Attack (Star Trek) Jean DeWeese
Gene DeWeese
1.47% Children of Hamlin (Star Trek: The Next Generation 3) Carmen Carter
1.47% Children Of The Jedi (Star Wars: Callista trilogy 1) Barbara Hambly
1.47% Contamination (Star Trek: The Next Generation 16) John Vornholt
1.47% Courageous (The Lost Fleet 3) Jack Campbell
1.47% The Courtship Of Princess Leia (Star Wars) Dave Wolverton
1.47% Dark Mirror (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Diane Duane
1.47% Darksaber (Star Wars: Callista trilogy 2) Kevin J. Anderson
1.47% Dauntless (The Lost Fleet 1) Jack Campbell
1.47% Debtor's Planet (Star Trek: The Next Generation 30) Bill Thompson
1.47% Deep Domain (Star Trek) Howard Weinstein
1.47% Devil's Heart (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Carmen Carter
1.47% The Disinherited (Star Trek) Peter David
Michael Jan Friedman
Robert Greenberger
1.47% Doctor's Orders (Star Trek) Diane Duane
1.47% Doomsday World (Star Trek: The Next Generation 12) Peter David
Robert Greenberger
Michael Jan Friedman
Carmen Carter
1.47% Dreadnought! (Star Trek) Diane Carey
1.47% Dreams Of The Raven (Star Trek) Carmen Carter
1.47% Encounter at Farpoint (Star Trek: The Next Generation) David Gerrold
1.47% Exiles (Star Trek: The Next Generation 14) Howard Weinstein
1.47% Fearless (The Lost Fleet 2) Jack Campbell
1.47% A Flag Full of Stars (Star Trek 54) Brad Ferguson
1.47% Forever War Joe Haldeman
1.47% Fortune's Light (Star Trek: The Next Generation 15) Michael Jan Friedman
1.47% Ghost Ship (Star Trek: The Next Generation 1) Diane Carey
1.47% Grounded (Star Trek: The Next Generation 25) David Bischoff
1.47% Gulliver's Fugitives (Star Trek: The Next Generation 11) Keith Sharee
1.47% How Much for Just the Planet? (Star Trek) John M. Ford
1.47% The IDIC Epidemic (Star Trek) Jean Lorrah
1.47% Imzadi (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Peter David
1.47% Journey to the Centre of the Earth Jules Verne
1.47% The Klingon Gambit (Star Trek) Robert E. Vardeman
1.47% Kobayashi Maru (Star Trek) Julia Ecklar
1.47% The Lost Years (Star Trek) J. M. Dillard
1.47% The Making Of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry
Stephen Whitfield
1.47% Masks (Star Trek: The Next Generation 7) John Vornholt
1.47% Metamorphosis (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Jean Lorrah
1.47% My Enemy My Ally (Star Trek) Diane Duane
1.47% The Pandora Principle (Star Trek) Carolyn Clowes
1.47% The Peacekeepers (Star Trek: The Next Generation 2) Jean DeWeese
1.47% Photostory (Star Trek) Richard J. Anobile
1.47% Planet Of Judgement (Star Trek Adventures 5) Joe Haldeman
1.47% Power Hungry (Star Trek: The Next Generation 6) Howard Weinstein
1.47% Prime Directive (Star Trek) Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Judith Reeves-Stevens
1.47% Probe (Star Trek) Michael Jan Friedman
Margaret Wander Bonanno
1.47% Q-in-Law (Star Trek: The Next Generation 18) Peter David
1.47% Red Dwarf Omnibus: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers & Better Than Life Rob Grant
Doug Naylor
1.47% Relentless (The Lost Fleet 5) Jack Campbell
1.47% The Return Of The Time Machine Egon Friedell
1.47% Reunion (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Michael Jan Friedman
1.47% The Rift (Star Trek) Peter David
1.47% Rock and a Hard Place (Star Trek: The Next Generation 10) Peter David
1.47% Romulan Way (Star Trek) Diane Duane
Peter Morwood
1.47% The Rules Of Engagement (Star Trek) Peter Morwood
1.47% The Santaroga Barrier Frank Herbert
1.47% Sarek (Star Trek) A. C. Crispin
1.47% Shadow Lord (Star Trek 22) Laurence Yep
1.47% Shield Of Lies (Star Wars: Black Fleet Crisis 2) Michael Kube-McDowell
1.47% Showdown At Centerpoint (Star Wars: Corellian Trilogy 3) Roger MacBride Allen
1.47% Spectre Of The Past (Hand of Thrawn 1) Timothy Zahn
1.47% Spock Must Die (Star Trek) James Blish
Gene Roddenberry
1.47% Spock's World (Star Trek) Diane Duane
1.47% Star Maker Olaf Stapledon
1.47% Star Trek 7 James Blish
1.47% Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (Star Trek) Vonda McIntyre
1.47% Star trek II: The wrath of Khan photostory (Star Trek) Richard J. Anobile
1.47% Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Star Trek) Vonda McIntyre
1.47% Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Star Trek) Gene Roddenberry
1.47% Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace Terry Brooks
1.47% Star Wars: Dark Force Rising (The Thrawn Trilogy 2) Timothy Zahn
1.47% Star Wars: Heir to the Empire (The Thrawn Trilogy 1) Timothy Zahn
1.47% Star Wars: The Crystal Star (Star Wars 6) Vonda McIntyre
1.47% Star Wars: The Last Command (The Thrawn Trilogy 3) Timothy Zahn
1.47% Starship Troopers Robert A. Heinlein
1.47% Strangers From The Sky (Star Trek) Margaret Wander Bonanno
1.47% Strike Zone (Star Trek: The Next Generation 5) Peter David
1.47% Survival (Starfleet Academy 3) Peter David
1.47% Survivors (Star Trek: The Next Generation 4) Jean Lorrah
1.47% Tales From Jabba's Palace (Star Wars) Kevin J. Anderson
1.47% Tales From The Mos Eisley Cantina (Star Wars) Kevin J. Anderson
1.47% Tales Of The Bounty Hunters (Star Wars) Kevin J. Anderson
1.47% Time for Yesterday (Star Trek) A. C. Crispin
1.47% Timetrap (Star Trek) David Dvorkin
1.47% The Truce at Bakura (Star Wars) Kathy Tyers
1.47% Unification (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Jeri Taylor
1.47% Use Of Weapons (The Culture book 3) Iain M. Banks
1.47% Valiant (The Lost Fleet 4) Jack Campbell
1.47% Vendetta (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Peter David
1.47% Vision Of The Future (Hand of Thrawn 2) Timothy Zahn
1.47% Vulcan Academy Murders (Star Trek) Jean Lorrah
1.47% The Wounded Sky (Star Trek) Diane Duane
1.36% All The Weyrs Of Pern (Pern) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Babel 17 Samuel R. Delany
1.36% The Black Throne Fred Saberhagen
Roger Zelazny
1.36% Blood Of Amber (Chronicles of Amber 7) Roger Zelazny
1.36% Cautionary Tales Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
1.36% The Courts Of Chaos (Chronicles of Amber 5) Roger Zelazny
1.36% The Crystal Singer (Crystal Singer 1) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Cuckoo's Egg C. J. Cherryh
1.36% Damnation Alley Roger Zelazny
1.36% Dark Universe Dan Galouye
1.36% Daughter Of Regals Stephen Donaldson
1.36% The Demolished Man Alfred Bester
1.36% Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Dirk Gently 1) Douglas Adams
1.36% The Dolphins of Pern (Pern) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Dragondrums (Pern 6) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Dragonquest (Pern 2) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Dragonsdawn (Pern) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Dragonsinger (Pern 5) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Dragonsong (Pern 4) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% The Farthest Shore (Earthsea 3) Ursula K. Le Guin
1.36% Fellowship Of The Ring (The Lord of the Rings 1) J. R. R. Tolkien
1.36% The First Fall (Pern 12) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% The Flight Of The Horse Larry Niven
1.36% Foreigner C. J. Cherryh
1.36% Get Off The Unicorn Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Glory Road Robert A. Heinlein
1.36% Golden Apples Of The Sun Ray Bradbury
1.36% The Guns Of Avalon (Chronicles of Amber 2) Roger Zelazny
1.36% The Hand Of Oberon (Chronicles of Amber 4) Roger Zelazny
1.36% The Hobbit J. R. R. Tolkien
1.36% The Illearth War (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever 2) Stephen Donaldson
1.36% The Illustrated Man Ray Bradbury
1.36% Invader C. J. Cherryh
1.36% Knight Of Shadows (Chronicles of Amber 9) Roger Zelazny
1.36% The Lathe Of Heaven Ursula K. Le Guin
1.36% Lord Foul's Bane (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever 1) Stephen Donaldson
1.36% The Mists Of Avalon (Avalon 1) Marion Zimmer Bradley
1.36% Moreta, Dragon Lady Of Pern (Pern 7) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Nine Princes In Amber (Chronicles of Amber 1) Roger Zelazny
1.36% The One Tree (The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever 2) Stephen Donaldson
1.36% Partnership Margaret Ball
Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Pegasus In Flight Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Prentice Alvin (Alvin Maker 3) Orson Scott Card
1.36% Prime Number Harry Harrison
1.36% Red Prophet (Alvin Maker 2) Orson Scott Card
1.36% Restoree Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Return Of The King (The Lord of the Rings 3) J. R. R. Tolkien
1.36% Roadmarks Roger Zelazny
1.36% Rocannon's World Ursula K. Le Guin
1.36% Seventh Son (Alvin Maker 1) Orson Scott Card
1.36% The Ship Who Sang Anne McCaffrey
1.36% The Ship Who Searched Anne McCaffrey
1.36% Sign Of Chaos (Chronicles of Amber 8) Roger Zelazny
1.36% The Sign Of The Unicorn (Chronicles of Amber 3) Roger Zelazny
1.36% Silver Locusts Ray Bradbury
1.36% Songmaster Orson Scott Card
1.36% Stormqueen! (Darkover 2) Marion Zimmer Bradley
1.36% Tehanu (Earthsea 4) Ursula K. Le Guin
1.36% Threshold Ursula K. Le Guin
1.36% To Sail Beyond The Sunset Robert A. Heinlein
1.36% The Tombs Of Atuan (Earthsea 2) Ursula K. Le Guin
1.36% Trumps Of Doom (Chronicles of Amber 6) Roger Zelazny
1.36% The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings 2) J. R. R. Tolkien
1.36% Waldo And Magic Inc Robert A. Heinlein
1.36% The White Dragon (Pern 3) Anne McCaffrey
1.36% The White Gold Wielder (The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever 3) Stephen Donaldson
1.36% The Winds Twelve Quarters Ursula K. Le Guin
1.36% A Wizard Of Earthsea (Earthsea 1) Ursula K. Le Guin
1.36% Wolves Of The Dawn William Sarabande
1.36% The Worthing Saga (Worthing Chronicles) Orson Scott Card