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Like books? Try out our library


You may or may not have heard that this society has a library. It's not a library in the strictest sense, in that it isn't a room filled with book covered shelves that you could lose yourself in whilst browsing for something to read. Instead we have a number of large metal cupboards where our sizeable collection of books, comics and graphic novels are stored. This does make it some what tricky to browse the books, which is why there is a searchable catalogue on the website.

The selection on offer is pretty varied. There are all the staples of classic science fiction - Isaac Asimov, Jerry Pournelle and John Wyndham to name just a tiny few. Classic fantasy is also represented by such greats as Marion Zimmer Bradley, Terry Brooks and David Eddings. But we have a lot of modern authors too like Iain M. Banks, Terry Pratchett and J. K. Rowling. We usually spend part of our yearly budget on new books, so if there's something you think should be bought, let the committee know.

The online catalogue can actually do a lot more than let you search for things. If you're looking for something new to try it can make recommendations. It can either suggest books that are similar or authors. This is based on how people have tagged books they've liked, so it's really helpful if you could tag books you like too.

But anyway, the tl;dr that you should take away from this, is if you like reading, then make good use of the library.

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