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Sneak Preview of 2015


Hello all members, new and old! An absolutely MASSIVE congratulations to all the Freshers who got their A-Level results today and got into Royal Holloway. I know how much hard work it must've taken to get to this position, and each and every one of you thoroughly deserve to enjoy today, and the next few years at Royal Holloway.

So as a way of saying congratulations, here is a sneak peak at some of the awesome things The Institute For Impure Science (IFIS), the science fiction & fantasy society, has to offer next year:

  • A blockbuster film with free pizza and snacks for the first event of the year.
  • Access to the society Netflix account for every paid member.
  • Access to the society library (1600+ books, comics, and DVDs) for every paid member.
  • Quizzes on a range of topics, with prizes to be won.
  • Exciting films every week, some big names, some cult classics.
  • A party for IFIS's 40th birthday, with free snacks, and games where members can win prizes.
  • A competition to commemorate the fact that October 21st this year is the date from Back to the Future.
  • A treasure hunt with prizes.
  • Games nights in competition with other societies.

So if any of that sounds like something you're interested in, then please consider joining us next year, and talk to us at Welcome Fayre to find out more!

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