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Committee Profile: The Treasurer


For those of you interested in our committee positions, it's time for number two!

NameClara Cohen

What does the role entail?

As treasurer, I am in charge of overseeing all the earnings and spendings of the society. I have to make sure that anything bought for the society, from cinema trips to pizza, is refunded to whoever bought it, and that there is enough funding in our accounts to cover everything. If money runs low, I need to organise a fundraiser or find ways of gaining income.

Is it a hard job?

As long as you have basic maths skills and good organisation to keep on top of things, it isnt very difficult.

Any advice for the next treasurer?

What I said before, just keep on top of things. Submit forms that need to be submitted. And maybe think of some fun new ways to raise money for The Institute For Impure Science (IFIS)!

The Treasurer

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