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Committee Profiles: The Secretary


NameRory Ford

What does your role entail?

So I operate behind the scenes of the society with most of my tasks being admin duties. This involves: making sure rooms are booked for the socials, emails are sent out to the members, reserving car parking place when requested, taking minutes during committee meetings, updating the website. It sounds like a bit of work, but its quite manageable!

What is the best part about being Secretary?

One of the best things about being on committee is seeing people enjoy the events you have worked on, which makes all the hard work worth it!

Any advice for the next Secretary?

Keep a list of things that you need to do. The secretary has a couple of roles that requires your attention either now and again (like room booking) or weekly attention (emails, car parking and planning). Try to keep on top of things but dont panic over too many details.

Do you have any recommendations when it comes to Science Fiction and Fantasy?

So Im a huge fan of video games with some of my recent favourites being Prey (2017) and Titanfall 2, so if you have the chance, they are worth the play through!

One final thing. I just wanted to also add a huge thank you for allowing me this opportunity to be on committee, it has been fantastic. I would highly encourage those that might be interested to give it a go. Its been a great year for the society and I'm hoping that the next committee will make it even better!

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