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Responsibility is a headache. I've always been bad at sincerity, so I play it all off as a Quality Goof. That all said, becoming secretary is something I knew I could do but something that requires...being a serious human being, for five minutes at the very least.

What do I want? What do I expect from this? And what do I plan on giving back?

Answer 1) im genuinely just in it for a laff

Too flippant. What do I want? Really, ultimately, beyond more absinthe?

Answer 1, take 2.
I want the best for this society. I want to help take it to the next level, I want what I'm doing to pay off, I want to be able to see the effects of it. Maybe it all comes back to some deep, primal anxiety of 'I want to be liked'. That's a little too depressing so we'll just pretend I said nothing.

Answer 2) What do I expect? I don't know what to expect. I expect to have a good time with people I respect. I expect to be offered as a sacrifice to some eldritch power. I expect to enjoy myself but also be utterly frustrated. I expect the worst and I hope for the best.

Managed to get serious on the first take there. It's a miracle.

Answer 3) What do I plan on giving back?
Honestly, there are so many possible answers. 'All that I can' is the truest but it seems trite, intangible. Meaningless. I'll give what I can. Which is: at least once a week, I'll be back on my bullshit for the common enjoyment of the people.

Stay tuned? Maybe????? Idk??????????????
Trust no-one.

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