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So uh

as everyone who went to the taster session knows.

we cancelled the taster session and nobody put the info out. This is entirely in keeping with Royal Holloway as a university, as you will come to understand. Last year the open-air cinema never occurred, people forgot to buy paint for the paint party thing at the student union (SU), and the Christmas tree in Founders square was lopsided.

But hey, ya live and learn. And hey, I'm sorry to everyone involved in that debacle. It's a fun talking point for what a disaster life is in general. It's performance art. It's part of my scheme to run this society into the ground.

.....you wonder how joking I am.

So, we're kicking off Spook Month on Tuesday with the FANTASTIC What We Do In The Shadows, followed by our Thursday event of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. I don't know if I was meant to announce that. But I just did so fuck the rules innit. I make the rules. Someone elected me so I have this power now.

Sorry about the taster session, and now I, your secretary, have WiFi again, I can truly bring about the ruin of this establishment.


jk jk (you hope)

- Jamie

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